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As a singer-songwriter, Blaine Long has been on a musical journey for most of his life. Born in West Virginia and raised in Arizona, Blaine was a high school dropout who had to learn the hard way, from serving up fast food to digging ditches and odd jobs. Raised with a strict Christian upbringing and unsatisfied with the normal conventions of daily life, Blaine discovered guitar, singing, and especially songwriting. Blaine and his wife decided to adopt their daughter in 2011 and then their son in 2013.  Putting family first while pursuing the craft of song-writing and performing, Blaine releases an album per year and shows no sign of stopping. Today, Blaine Long’s music is marked by warm and soulful vocals and a powerful rhythmic acoustic guitar style. You can find Blaine on most nights working on his craft in front of a live audience.

...I'm a tornado lookin' for a trailer park...

she’s american

she’s got the patience of a lion wrapped up tight pinned against the wall, she never has an answer catches questions as they fall, she leaves you in the dark lets the sweet molasses kisses bite at your back, she’s only ever lonely when you’re right there catches shadow leaving still doesn’t know how to swear

i guess I still love her

punches like an angry housefly afraid the kids are gonna one day leave the hive, carries the water from the river always leaves a little bit more a little bit more, she’s got a camera eye stiletto fingernails hollows out a headlamp and slowly walks on by, I guess but never truthful wasted on an old man watches what the youth do, what do you do?

I guess i still love her

she’s american, she’s californian, she’s a middle child a little wild sometimes, it’s true, she’s a holiday, you decide to stay, she’s better than a lie you wish were true.

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Tears & Dust

A segment recorded for Sauce Hockey on the streets of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Tears and Dust is featured on Butterfly Heart and Prairie Sun.

“The tracks in this album are really laid back, and yet very powerful. He’s got a uniquie sound, this sort of rock-folkish-country thing, but it works for the pieces. Badluckairplane and Happy Man have been stuck in my head for days.

– Scott & Fran

“I’ve been a fan of Blaine for nearly 10 years. The songs on this album are really well done and showcase his great voice and easy style. Pick it up, give it a listen, then buy his other albums as well. They won’t disappoint.

– ChunkrockRecords.com

“I was walking back to my hotel downtown in Phoenix a few weeks ago and Blaine Long was playing at the outdoor patio of a big restaurant. His voice literally drew me over to the patio and I sat listening to him for almost two hours. He’s one of those artists who sings as well live as he does on his albums.
Big Fan of this Arizona based singer songwriter “

– Rad Angel

“I visited pizza Bianco in downtown Phoenix the other night and my wife and I stayed for two hours listening to Blaine Long sing, incredible.

– Apilato34

“Blaine Long’s voice is the centerpiece of all his work, and it stands up to that task. Backed by his unshakeable guitar prowess and a dependable back-up band, this album brings Long’s music to it’s full potential. Add intelligent lyrics that never lean on the pretentious, and you’ve got a solid album.
Worth it!! “

– Sangmonster

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