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Blaine Long & Rosas del Rey

Blaine Long (vocals, rhythm guitar) // Marcus Weeden (bass) // David Libman (drum) // Drew Hall (lead guitar)

As a solo artist, Blaine Long hit a wall. He had just released his 9th album for Bright Angel Records which led to an audition for season 11 of “The Voice”. With a three chair turn, his audition song went all the way to the number 2 spot on the iTunes rock chart. After returning home to Arizona, Blaine recorded his 10th record, “Scorpio” released in late 2017. It became apparent Blaine needed a live backing band to make the songs come to life. The first person he thought of was his long-time friend and collaborator, Marcus Weeden (bass).

Marcus produced Blaine’s record, “Honey in My Coffee” in 2010. Marcus has played in bands ranging from rock, latino, and reggae and has played for AZ Music Hall of Famer, “Walt Richardson”. The first person Marcus thought of to fill the position of drums is David Libman.

David, known as “creamy Dave”, has played in many bands in the valley – most notably, the hard driving blues band, “The Sugar Thieves”.

With the completion of the rhythm section, the band needed a lead guitar player that could go from soulful acoustic to hard-driving blues rock guitar. Enter Drew Hall.

Drew has played guitar for The Cheektones, Walt Richardson, and Big Daddy D and the Dynamites.

Ladies and Gentlemen we give you:

blaine long & rosas del rey

"...I'm a tornado lookin' for a trailer park..."


earthquake weather

Red rose, don’t shiver, red lips, don’t wither, break the chains and try to understand, oh what the hell is earthquake weather, dispel the myth embrace the rumor, it’s a dog’s head out the window kind of day—

Circle the wagons boys, and draw the blinds, get your sunglasses on, and drink your wine, Tom thumb and foolery, bring your witchcraft jewelry

We got everything a man’s heart could want, anything a woman could desire, the matches are wet and the well is dry, we celebrate as each dull day goes by…
baby I don’t know…I don’t know

Can’t find my pulse, can’t find my reason, it’s ok to feel a little pain, where should I hide the body, where should I hide the evidence

Like prisoners in the yard, like students in the hall, we were werewolf drunk, we were DB Cooper gone, good with faces, bad with names…good with faces and bad with names.

We got everything a man’s heart could want, anything a woman could desire,the matches are wet and the well is dry, we celebrate as each dull day goes by…

Baby I don’t know…I don’t know

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Earthquake Weather Music Video

A cut from the new record, Scorpio.

“The tracks in this album are really laid back, and yet very powerful. He’s got a uniquie sound, this sort of rock-folkish-country thing, but it works for the pieces. Badluckairplane and Happy Man have been stuck in my head for days.

– Scott & Fran

“I’ve been a fan of Blaine for nearly 10 years. The songs on this album are really well done and showcase his great voice and easy style. Pick it up, give it a listen, then buy his other albums as well. They won’t disappoint.

– ChunkrockRecords.com

“I was walking back to my hotel downtown in Phoenix a few weeks ago and Blaine Long was playing at the outdoor patio of a big restaurant. His voice literally drew me over to the patio and I sat listening to him for almost two hours. He’s one of those artists who sings as well live as he does on his albums.
Big Fan of this Arizona based singer songwriter “

– Rad Angel

“I visited pizza Bianco in downtown Phoenix the other night and my wife and I stayed for two hours listening to Blaine Long sing, incredible.

– Apilato34

“Blaine Long’s voice is the centerpiece of all his work, and it stands up to that task. Backed by his unshakeable guitar prowess and a dependable back-up band, this album brings Long’s music to it’s full potential. Add intelligent lyrics that never lean on the pretentious, and you’ve got a solid album.
Worth it!! “

– Sangmonster

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